Christina Goestl,

»SEX – you can’t make it unpopular, a positive guide«
web art 1997–2006 | restored offline version 2016

'Cool sex: are there differences between net-sex, net-porn, and net-art? Who knows – but someone should direct Paglia to SEX: "This guide is about pleasure, being informed and asking questions," it says. With brilliant design (asymmetric layouts, disappearing text, cool buttons), it encompasses drag kings, macho sluts, new fiction and performers, artists and writers from japan's Midori to Pat Califia. It's probably the artiest and smartest sex-site on the web.'
i-D 179. THE ADULT ISSUE, 1998 1997-2006 | Sex in Vienna – Desire. Control. Transgression, Wien Museum Karlsplatz 2016/17, catalogue

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