Christina Goestl,

3-D Print, ABS Thermoplastic, 328 × 242 × 222 mm, Sound, 2008

featuring Clitonics, in Mein lesbisches Auge 17, Konkursbuch Verlag Caludia Gehrke (Tübingen 2017)
featuring Clitonics
, in Mein lesbisches Auge 17, Konkursbuch Verlag Caludia Gehrke (Tübingen 2017)

Clitonics is a visually constructed, prototypical designed model of a clitoris. Thinking modifiability in test series – the data model representing an associative image, a modifiable virtual image, a projectile capable of being fed back into polymorphous dreams, plastic surgery, biosynthetic organs. Clitonics is dedicated to gender modified, transsexual and gender modifying persons.

Many thanks to Michaela Pichler for her support with the 3-D modelling, Thomas Mariaschek for his adive and for carrying out the 3-D print, as well as all the others for everything else.

Sexklusivitäten, Berlin, 2017 _ ZÉRø FUTUR{E}, The HTMlles 11 Feminist festival of media arts + digital culture, Montreal, 2014 _ polis-pollis-politics, das weisse haus, Wien 2011 _ jirjirak, Fluc Wien 2009 _ 7th Feminist Research Conference, Educatorium, Universität Utrecht, 2009 _ Protopypisieren. Eine Messe für Theorie und Kunst, Bremen 2008 _ die Queerulanten innen/außen, kunstraum auto, Wien, 2006 _ Scegetavcek Design / Clitoris Design, Pička, pussy. Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves, Center for Contemporary Arts, Galerija Račka, Celje, Slovenia, 2006

Lecture performances
7. Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Geschlechterforschung, Innsbruck 2019 _ Private, Civil, and Public SEXUALITIES: XI. International Academic Conference, Praha 2019 _ feminismen diskutieren, Wien 2018 _ Endangered Bodies: Representing and Policing the Body in Western Culture, Lisbon 2018 _ 2nd Workshop on Women- and Gender-Research, Luxembourg 2005 _ 5th European Feminist Research Conference, Lund 2003 _ Symposium Eingreifen. Viren, Modelle, Bremen 2003

Clitoral Matter: On the Politics of Sexual Pleasures in Western European Cultures, in The Routledge Companion to Gender, Sexuality and Culture, ed. by Emma Rees (London: Routledge, 2022) _ featuring Clitonics, in Mein lesbisches Auge 17, Konkursbuch Verlag Caludia Gehrke (Tübingen 2017)_ Clitonics – Rapide Prototype, in Prototypisieren. Eine Messe für Theorie und Kunst, Susanne Bauer, Ulrike Bergermann, Christine Hanke, Helene von Oldenburg, Claudia Reiche, Andrea Sick (Hg.) (Bremen 2009)_ IF cyberfeminism is a monster THEN Clitoris visibility = true, in Cyberfeminism. Next Protocols, Claudia Reiche/Verena Kuni (Eds.) (Autonomedia, New York 2004)_ I am your Clitoris. Clitoris Design, in eingreifen. Viren, modelle, tricks, Andrea Sick u.a. (thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor, Bremen 2003)

Et le clitoris? - What about the Clitoris? - Und die Klitoris? Sylvie Parent, réflexion sur les arts numériques (Montréal 2016) _ Zu ähnlich – Neue Klitorisbilder aus Kunst und Wissenschaft, Claudia Reiche in Visuelle Lektüren \ Lektüren des Visuellen (Textem Verlag, Material Verlag, Hamburg 2009)

»Clit-Tales of Early European Modern Natural Philosophers«
Code-Graffiti, 2019

if [Big Clit] then [Penetration] then [Tribade]
if [Tribade] then [Oral Sex] then [Big Clit]

if [Deviant Anatomy] then [Deviant Sexualities]
if [Deviant Sexualities] then [Deviant Anatomy]

if [Big Clit]
   then [Tribade]
   else [Hermaphrodite]
end if

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