Christina Goestl,

Interactive Website Interface, text based, multi-layered, sexy dhtml / javascript / shockwave, online 1998 - 2005

matrix.64, screenshot

Documentation video

matrix.64 demonstrates the possibilities of spatial and dynamic text-structuring by way of an old example: It presents the Indian classic compendium 64 Arts (Kama Sutra, part one, chapter 3, 320-540 A.D.) in a 21st century version, together with four different translations from the original Sanskrit dating back to 1883, 1965, 1966 and 1994.

This digital open textbook allows not only for a completely new form of essay, but also enables readers to carry the project further by adding their own contributions.

"[...] The work relies on curiosity and on the search for knowledge to turn the activity into a playful itinerary, itself a source of pleasure, drawing the reader into an adventure that contrasts sharply with the easy consumption of pornographic images on the network. In this sense, it offers an alternative view of sexuality that proves to be open minded, humorous, and creative." Sylvie Parent

Idea, concept and design: Christina Goestl
Text written and edited in co-operation with Regina Löw
Translation with the support of Renée Melanie
Code by f/0.codelayer

matrix.64 in Hard_Code. narrating the network society, edited by Eugene Thacker (The Alt-X Digital Arts Foundation, 2001)

Sylvie Parent in The CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine no 10 (Montréal, 2000)
Elisabeth Krimbacher in stealing eyeballs (online 2001)
Caroyn Guertin in Assemblage: The Women's New Media Gallery (online, 2004)

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